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Serving the largest pediatric and adolescent population affected by HIV/AIDS in the US/North America, the Grady Ponce Center (GPC) in Atlanta, GA has adopted a chronic illness model of healthcare to promote patients’ long-term health. Providing HIV and primary care for over 400 youth ages 13-24, with dedicated youth-focused medical, psychological, nutritional, and social work services.  The Ponce Family and Youth Clinic (PFYC) was established at Grady Memorial Hospital in 1986 and moved to its current location in 1993 to accommodate a growing population of children, adolescents and young adults affected by HIV/AIDS. Staffed by Emory University physicians and Grady nurses, and social workers, the clinic is one of the largest and most comprehensive outpatient HIV treatment facilities (medical home) in the US and is continually recognized for excellence in clinical care, educational initiatives, community engagement and implementation of research, through federal, investigator initiated, and pharmaceutical-sponsored protocols. GPC also has a new, rapidly expanding PrEP clinic that provides both oral and long-acting PrEP.  

Meet The Project Lead(s)

Andres Camacho-Gonzalez, MD, MSPH

Site Project Lead


Sophia Hussen, MD, MPH



Maddie Goldstein, DO, MPH



Brian Zanoni, MD, MPH



Meet The Team

About Emory Atlanta Adolescent Consortium

In response to the state of the epidemic in Georgia, Dr. Camacho-Gonzalez partnered with Children’s to establish a universal HIV testing program in their Emergency Department for all adolescents (>13 years of age). This program has allowed us to identify newly infected or at-risk youth and direct them to treatment or prevention services respectively. This program has identified over 100 infected adolescents in the last 3 years. Children’s also recently established a PrEP clinic run by adolescent specialists, that seeks to supplement the GPC PrEP clinic. Between Grady and Children’s, we capture the vast majority of youth who seek HIV prevention and treatment services in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, and we serve as major referral centers for the entire state of Georgia.

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Protocol NumberName
ATN 164Legal, Economic, and Affirming Peer Support (LEAP)/atn-164/
ATN 168HIV and Pregnancy Protection in Youth (HAPPY) - Step 3/atn-168/
ATN 170IMPACT/atn-170/

Team Members

LaTeshia Seaton, MS, APRN, CCRC

Site Nurse Coordinator


Sierra Jordan-Thompson, MPH

Research Coordinator/Data Manager


Will Smith, MPH

Regulatory Specialist


Marcus Reed, MPH

Outreach Coordinator


Antonio (Tony) Newman, MBA

Outreach Coordinator



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